An additional 300 yuan weekly unemployment benefit will expire. The Biden government: no longer will be extended

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The Biden administration said on Thursday that it will not extend the additional 300 yuan weekly unemployment benefit that expires on September 6. They urged state and local governments that wish to continue disbursing the money to use the allocated COVID-19 relief funds.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh wrote in a letter to the leaders of the Senate Committee of Congress on Thursday: Period. As President Biden said, this subsidy has always been temporary, and it is reasonable for the subsidy to expire."

The unemployment rate in the United States has dropped to 5.4%, and some Republican governors’ states have decided to withdraw from this benefit early. They believe that additional unemployment subsidies are an obstacle to getting people back to work.

Yellen and Walsh said that in states where unemployment rates remain high and Delta variants continue to pose challenges to the labor market, it may be reasonable for the unemployed to continue to receive this additional subsidy.

The Biden administration emphasized that states and cities can use the funds allocated in the "American Rescue Plan" passed by Congress in March to continue to provide assistance to the unemployed. These funds total 350 billion yuan.

It is estimated that after the end of the epidemic unemployment subsidy program in September, about 7.5 million people will lose their relief.

Previously, employers, especially small business owners, have complained that due to government relief measures, many people are unwilling to find jobs, making it extremely difficult for them to recruit.

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