Adjust the price regularly according to the effect

Adjust the price and place regularly according to the effect, and automatically adjust the budget and bid according to the performance of the advertisement, control the cost, and put it accurately; for example, at 8 o'clock on Monday morning, the keyword price is automatically set to 2 dollars to start, and the advertisement is fully displayed. During non-prime hours, such as lowering it back to $1 at night or suspending ads on weekends, to avoid malicious and invalid clicks on ads。

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Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization, statistics of accurate search terms for users with large search volume, high conversion rate, and low price, the curve display is clear at a glance。

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Multi-account advertising management

Multi-account advertising management, batch operation, out of the seller's background restrictions, non-working hours can also operate the background PPC advertising, optimization and adjustment。

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Operation log record

The operation log tracks and records the operator and time of each advertisement creation, adding keywords, changing bids, etc.; supports SP, SD, SB advertising management, and related advertising reports。

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