A large number of products have been prostituted, where are the poor Amazon sellers going?

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In the past one or two months, there have been a lot of video sharing of products from Amazon sellers on many European and American social media.

These video sharing came from a number of customers who successfully prostituted themselves to the seller's products, and they shared their experiences in the form of videos.

A large number of products have been prostituted, where are the poor Amazon sellers going?

Search for keywords such as "Amazon refund trick" or "Amazon Return cheat" on Google, and a large number of such so-called "teaching videos" will appear in the search results.

In the sharing of these customers, you can see the products that they use for nothing, ranging from mice and keyboards for more than ten dollars to massage chairs for several hundred dollars.

As of the time of publication, the total number of views of these videos has exceeded hundreds of thousands of times.

In addition to these video tutorials, there are also foreigners selling so-called "white prostitution guidance services."

These foreigners can work with customers to vain a certain product by posting posts. When the customer gets the vain prostitution, the instructor can get a certain percentage of "commission."

What I said in the last sentence really hurts our seller's heart.

"You can get wathever you want without pay" (you can get any product you want for free).

How do all these so-called black technologies and tricks affect Amazon sellers?

great influence!

Since July, many sellers have found that their return column has seen a lot of weird returns.

As you can see from the return management table above, there are many reasons why buyers return goods.

There are reasons such as "the product is defective", "I accidentally ordered another product", "unwanted product" and so on.

The return status is already "completed", and the supplementary descriptions of the return status are all "unable to return".

What's the meaning?

It means that the money has been returned to the customer, but the goods cannot be returned!

What kind of operation is this?

If it is the first reason (the product is defective), it is understandable that the product cannot be returned.

Because even if the defective product is returned, it will not help. Either it is sold by Amazon as second-hand goods, or it is directly discarded or destroyed.

However, if the customer chooses other reasons, such as "I accidentally ordered another product", "Unwanted product", etc., such a reason for non-refundable returns would be too far-fetched.

Just because you don't want it, you can use this product for nothing?

Out of curiosity, I also went to youtube to watch a few such videos.

The foreigner's meaning is very clear, Amazon is a customer-centric platform, when you choose to return, your refund will be received in seconds, but your products can not be returned to the platform for various reasons.

This is the secret to their success.

Does Amazon care about this?

Of course, a large number of sellers will open cases to Amazon customer service.

Here to remind everyone that you can open an English case directly if you have something to do. It is efficient and has high authority. The domestic Amazon customer service really does not have much authority. Some basic operations are also copy and paste some official idioms.

When you opened a case, Amazon Chinese customer service responded like this:

"I don’t know if Amazon has recently updated the rules, and the official seller’s support team has not been notified. We have also received many buyer-related inquiries, because the after-sales service of FBA is handled by the customer service team in the United States. If they I feel that the buyer does not need to return the goods, so they will refund the goods directly to the buyers without asking them to return the goods. When we first received the relevant inquiries, we also felt that it was very unreasonable. There is no relevant policy update now, I don’t know if it will happen in the future. There will be corresponding compensation regulations."

The response of the Chinese customer service is to the effect that it is not clear, does not understand, and feels unreasonable, but we can't help it.

The English customer service gave a completely different reply:

Regarding the FBA refund question you enquired, here is the answer for you as follows:


The English customer service here is very clear, and it is also in line with Amazon's return policy, that is, if the buyer's product does not return within 60 days, then you can ask Amazon to apply for investigation or apply for compensation.

The policy is a good policy, but in actual implementation, how many sellers have successfully returned compensation for the return of goods?

Moreover, this interval lasts as long as 60 days. In other words, if such a problem occurs, you will not be able to apply for compensation after 60 days. After such a long period of time, how many sellers will remember this matter.

And some sellers received such case responses:

Regarding the FBA refund question you enquired, here is the answer for you as follows:

According to our latest return policy, Amazon will not compensate the goods that the buyer fails to return but get a refund, unless the return is caused by the responsibility that Amazon must bear.

Some of Amazon's policies and terms are really becoming more and more "overlord", and some of Amazon's customer service personnel are really becoming less and less professional.

With the same question and many different responses, what should the poor sellers do?

In any case, sellers who receive such returns must remember to apply, in case a miracle happens.

Case path: help ----- get support-I want to open a store--Amazon logistics-Amazon logistics problem-inventory damaged in the warehouse or inventory lost in the warehouse.

But recently when everyone opened a case, the background often appeared such a prompt:

I don’t know if it’s because of the excessive number of sellers who initiated claims that Amazon’s system has temporarily collapsed.

It's still that Amazon doesn't want to make such compensation at all. It just fools everyone casually. In fact, there is no path for compensation.

Alas, sellers with heart failure have nothing to say.

It’s right to be customer-centric, but please don’t just remember the buyer’s customers. The majority of sellers are also Amazon customers.

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