Klarna announced its launch in Poland, and launched the "Pay within 30 days" service at the same time!

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Klarna announced its launch in Poland, and launched the

AMZ123 was informed that the global payment giant Klarna recently announced that it will launch in Poland and cooperate with the international fast fashion brand H&M to launch a "payment within 30 days" service.


Through'pay within 30 days', consumers can shop and pay smarter without any interest or fees. In addition, the Klarna app allows them to browse recommended stores and manage their Klarna payments through integrated merchants. Consumers can also create and share personalized folders (favorites) in the APP, and activate price reduction notifications. In addition, many new features are also coming soon.


AMZ123 learned that, according to a survey commissioned by Klarna in Poland, 96% of Internet users have made online purchases during 2021. 33% of people shop online every week, and 59% say that if they have to choose, they will only shop online.


In addition, there is also a great demand for BNPL in the Polish market. 29% said that if there is a buy-and-pay feature, they would choose to use it for payment. In addition, although three-quarters of the respondents (77%) knew about this service feature, only one-quarter had tried it. The survey found that 7 out of 10 people (69%) would trust the seller more and 62% would choose to repurchase if the seller provided the service of buying first and paying later.


AMZ123 understands that Klarna will expand its business in Poland through its local team and office in Warsaw, and increase its European offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, Northern Europe, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy.


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