Frontier Observation in September - Or Leap in the Yuan

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September traffic keywords-or leap in the yuan

The new year traffic that the seller controls will enter the final inspection period in September. The traffic controlled by the seller mainly includes two aspects. Regardless of the traffic entrance, September will usher in a new round of big exams, whether it is full of water or water, all will be presented in September.

Independent sellers have been ruthlessly suppressed by Facebook for a year. At the end of August, there is a glimmer of light. Will it be let go in the peak season of September? This is a big question mark, but no matter what you say, the stubborn independent sellers have survived and dragged the team to survive. In order to make the team survive, they did not hesitate to vigorously promote the imitation brand at risk, in order to make the team survive. Picking up COD again, in order to let the team survive, developed a more diversified business model to pay tribute to your strength.

The most anticipated thing this year is TITOK's attempts at some businesses. TITOK has become a new model with the most potential for Chinese sellers. Various layouts are on the way and will be presented in September this year. Is it focused on content? It’s more powerful in development, or multi-channel Internet celebrity cooperation is more powerful, maybe it is better to attract TITOK paid advertising, we can only leave it to the time

eBay has been hit to varying degrees this year, and new markets are also on the way to develop. Australia has become the seller’s cultivating land, but the limited orders are only enough to support the team. Compared with the fortunes of the British and German local accounts, this It's just the tip of the iceberg.


Maybe all the good things will appear in September, or it may bring everything to zero in September, or leap into the abyss, no blame!

 September supply chain keywords-supply and demand changes

Pudong Airport has two new crowns and the cargo terminal is closed. Starting from August 21st and lasting until around the 9th, Pudong, as an important international port, suddenly closed this time, which will become the logistics price and timeliness to enter the peak season ahead of schedule.

Without the support of this international airport, domestic aircraft will be short-term short, and prices will usher in a new round of price increases. Just after the momentum of rising cargo volume, logistics prices will be fully lifted, and high prices may continue to complete the peak season of this year. Further downgrading, I personally estimate that 50+ in Europe and 60+ in the United States for aviation costs per kilogram

The timeliness of major countries has declined, and air passages have experienced varying degrees of congestion, especially for routes in Japan and Europe. The timeliness has varying degrees of impact. This impact will show the true strength of certain companies, such as companies with fixed boards and multiple routes. The impact will be less, as for those who sell goods, then haha

The factory is about to enter the final juncture of rushing goods. September will be the time for a large number of supply chains to stock up. FBA and overseas warehouses will scan the goods to further test the domestic productivity level, and those who open products may face a longer time. Delivery time, especially for sellers of clothes, shoes and hats, 3C, etc., will face disparity in supply and demand, leading to problems with safety stocks


The aviation problem in September may be relatively serious. More resources should be prepared and the inventory of core products should be expanded.

 Core keywords in September: the value of internal strength

The changes in cross-border e-commerce have entered the time when internal strength is being investigated. The so-and-so who became rich overnight can only be written in the past years. In 2021, cross-border e-commerce will definitely test internal strength.

Level 1: Operation

The second layer: capital

The third layer: resources

The fourth layer: talent

Fifth layer: integration

Sixth layer: innovation

Seventh layer: insight

Eighth layer: Leading

Ninth Floor: Nine Nine into One

The peak season is approaching, I wish you all a burst of orders in advance!

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