What to do with inventory backlog? Amazon introduced a new policy!

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Amazon America recently issued a new announcement stating that it will launch two new Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) programs to make it easier for sellers to resell buyers to return or accumulate excess inventory, while allowing more products to be obtained. The possibility of secondary sales.

The first program is "FBA grading and resale", which allows sellers to sell products returned by buyers as second-hand products on Amazon. At present, the plan has been launched in the UK station and will be launched in the US station at the end of this year. Amazon said that by early 2022, the program will be available in multiple regions in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

The second plan is "Fulfillment by Amazon Liquidation", which will clear eligible products through Amazon's clearing partners, so that sellers can make secondary sales when buyers return products and accumulate excess inventory. The program has been launched in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

What to do with inventory backlog? Amazon introduced a new policy!

Amazon said that these new plans are measures taken to ensure that the goods sold on Amazon are fully utilized and avoid waste. Amazon hopes that these plans will help establish a circular economy, maximize the use of resources, and reduce consumption and impact on the planet. Designed to help sellers regain the value of returned and overstocked goods, while saving the earth's resources.

The original intention was good, but the seller did not buy it. Some sellers said that if Amazon made buyers responsible for their ordering behavior, there would not be so many returns. Amazon implements "free returns" for buyers, and most return reasons used by buyers are "change of mind." When Amazon is irresponsible in its shopping promotion, it makes no sense to pretend to be a "green" company. Making money is Amazon's goal at all costs. Shouting environmental slogans on the surface, they actually use wasteful policies to spoil buyers.

Although these two policies did not solve the problem from the root cause, the customer has always been God for Amazon, and it is impossible to solve this problem, but at least it is better than Amazon's own use of second-hand goods and sellers before. The product’s own revenue sometimes causes some problems for the link. Therefore, compared to before, this new policy is considered a point for sellers.

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